List of Activities

The technical expertise of Professor Bursi spans multidisciplinary areas including earthquake analysis, risk assessment, petrochemical/oil & gas plants, industrial piping systems, probabilistic analysis and hybrid simulations.  

Some of the research areas in which Professor Bursi has recently been involved include:

  1. Risk assessment of petrochemical plants under extreme loading
  2. Seismic analysis of structural and industrial plant components
  3. Hybrid simulations of industrial plants and structures

Professor Bursi possesses a rich publications history in international journals and conferences. It works in close collaborations with several European academic and industrial organizations by actively participating and coordinating large research projects funded by several national and International bodies including the following:


Ongoing Funded Project

Selected European Union Projects

INDUSE-2-SAFETY: Component fragility evaluation, seismic safety assessment and design of petrochemical plants under design-basis and beyond-design-basis accident conditions. (Grant No: RFS-PR-13056)

Planned Duration: 2013-2016 (36 months)

Consortium: 9 European universities and industries.

Co-ordinator and PI: Oreste S. Bursi 

Budget: € 1,713,842 


SEQBRI: Performance-based earthquake engineering analysis of short-medium span steel-concrete composite bridges (Contract RFSR-CT 2012-00032).

Planned Duration: 2012-2015 (36 months)

Consortium: 6 European universities and industries.

Principal Investigator: Oreste S. Bursi.

Budget: € 1,401,959 


ERNCIP: European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection. 

Planned Duration: 1 March 2011 – 28 February 2015

Programme: FP7: European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Co-ordinator: The Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (IPSC), one of the seven institutes of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC)

Principal Investigator: Oreste S. Bursi


Selected National Projects

RELUIS: Information systems & laboratories integration & data collection

Planned Duration: 2014-2017 (36 months)

Consortium: 4 universities

Principal Investigator: Oreste S. Bursi

Budget: € 20,000